Sunday’s best

My best friend was just proposed to!!! And I kid you not, I felt like a momma bird watching one of her chicks jump off the nest. (I heard in an episode of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series though that chicks don’t actually do that because when they jump off they, more often than not, will die) but I’m basing this from all the cartoons I watched growing up. And this is very odd because even if I’m older than Dani, she’s always seemed like my ate. Always standing up for me and pushing me to be more assertive. But in my eyes today, she was as young as when I first met her. 19 years old, young and hopeful.

If all goes well, (which it will) I will take credit for this union because they met when I dragged dani to La Union in May 2017 haha! If (knock on wood) it doesn’t, I need to tell you all now that I was tipsy and didn’t know they were talking near the bar of the resort we were in. And though we vowed to stay single for at least a year (I’m going on three years now) Dani, found “the One” that day, only after being single for 8 or 9 months, I couldn’t be happier for her.

Last year, her boyfriend told me he was gonna propose. We had just come out of Bowery in the Fort and I didn’t know what to say. I might have looked like I had a stroke because he quickly said “but it’s not till late next year.”

(Hello, February!)

Jump to three weeks ago, I was added to a group chat on Viber called “secret group chat” and I saw all of Dani’s closest friends and dearest family members added one by one. And I knew it was happening.

Two and a half weeks ago, Dani texted me (RANTED) saying “he’s never proposing.” And I wanted to punch her face. Because we were all preparing for her already and she had just had to wait a little more.

Today, I was assigned to pick her up, more accurately, I blindly volunteered myself as tribute. We connived with our great friends from Cornerstone and Spring Films to “interview” Dani for the 10th anniversary of Spring. You guys should have seen Dani answer all the questions so seriously today! But, before getting there, I woke up to a text from Dani saying that she had a migraine. Again with the punching of her face. Because really, how can you not shake her and say “GET READY HE’S PROPOSIIIING!!!” I calmly told her they were doing a best friend angle on the interview and I needed her there so she could not skip it at all. And Dani is the most strong willed person in the world. No will always mean no. So I tried to contact her as little as possible the whole day and just show up in front of her house with three people at the back of my car carrying cameras…who were introduced to her as my new vlogging team (in my defense, they really are, and I will be working with them from now on) so Dani happily and unknowingly chatted away in my car with a lapel and three cameras taking everything in.

The rest you will be able to watch. I will wait for it too, because everything became a blur. The next thing I do remember is tearing up when the door opened and her mom and sisters walked in.

The weight on my shoulders from keeping a secret from my best friend for three weeks finally left me and I was able to step back and watch her at her happiest. And although I don’t know what she feels at the moment (right now I honestly believe I never will) I felt something today that I haven’t felt in a while. So beautiful and fragile that I begged off from the dinner to celebrate their engagement. Scared that the happiness will leave me. So I spent an hour stuck in EDSA driving myself and my vlog crew home to think about what happened today. The best I can say…is that I saw magic today. With no illusions and tricks. Just magic in her eyes, in his smile and thankfully shared to all of us there today in our hearts. Congratulations, Dani and Xavi! Always and forever! ❤️

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